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If you are looking for a durable way to fasten cables, then our metal cable tie is the perfect solution for you. These ties are made from high-quality materials that ensure long-lasting performance and stability. Our metal cable tie is designed to handle extreme conditions and can withstand harsh environmental factors, such as intense heat and cold.

At Wenzhou Shiyun Electronic Co., Ltd., we are a leading supplier, factory, and manufacturer of metal cable ties in China. We offer a wide range of cable ties that cater to different industries, including automotive, aerospace, and defense. Our metal cable ties are flexible and easy to install, making them a practical choice for any cable organization.

Our metal cable tie is versatile and can be used in different applications, from securing cables in industrial settings to organizing cables around the home or office. With our commitment to quality and exceptional customer service, you can trust Wenzhou Shiyun Electronic Co., Ltd. to meet your cable tie needs.
  • Introducing our strong and durable metal cable ties that are designed to secure and organize various cables and wires. Made from high quality stainless steel material, our metal cable ties are built to withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures. These cable ties are perfect for use in industrial settings, construction sites, and even for personal use in organizing wiring and cords around the house. The metal construction ensures that these cable ties will not break or snap under pressure like traditional plastic ties. Our metal cable ties come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, making them suitable for various applications. They have a smooth surface, ensuring there are no sharp edges that could damage the cables or wires that they are holding. Installation is easy with these metal cable ties. Simply feed the strap through the locking mechanism and tighten with pliers. This creates a secure and tight hold that will not loosen over time. When it comes to securing and organizing cables and wires, our metal cable ties are the perfect solution for both professionals and home users. Durable, strong, and easy to install, our cable ties are sure to meet all your cable management needs.
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